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2nd Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Assembly 2021


Day 1 - 28 September

Introductory plenary session: The role of the ADR Framework in strengthening retail markets


  • Nils Berhndt, DG JUST Director Consumers, Opening remarks
  • Prof Dr Stefaan Voet, Professor at University of Leuven: EU Consumer ADR Framework: Current State of Affairs and Future Challenges
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11.00-12.00 Breakout session 1: Costs, benefits, challenges and requirements of various ADR models

Session 1A

  • Speaker: Lars Arent – ECC DK Director on behalf of the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net)
  • Title: What does it take to be an outstanding ADR in Europe?
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  • Speaker: Jessica Depauw (BE), Attaché, FPS Economy
  • Title: Belgian ADR models – The competent authority identifies main challenges
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Session 1B

  • Speaker: Sónia Passos (PT), Head of Consumer Communication Department - Consumer Directorate General
  • Title: The ADR Portuguese Model
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Session 1C

  • Speaker: Nicole Nespoulous (FR) ; CECMC (French ADR competent Authority) & Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (DGGCRF)
  • Title: The French Consumer Mediation System
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Session 1D

  • Speaker: Eline Verhage (NL) Senior Advisor Strategy, Policy & Legal Affairs; De Geschillencommissie; PhD researcher consumer ADR/ODR, Leiden University
  • Title: The Dutch approach towards consumer ADR/ODR as a comprehensive and inclusive gateway to justice
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14:45 – 15:45 Breakout session 2: Is the ADR Directive fit for Digital markets?

Session 2A

  • Speaker: Laetitia Bastian (FR); CECMC (French ADR competent Authority) & Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (DGGCRF)
  • Title: ODR Platforms
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Session 2B

  • Speakers: Costanza Alessi and Francesco Privitera (IT), Consumer Directorate, Banca d’Italia
  • Title: The impact of the digital age on ADRs: the experience of the Italian Banking and Financial Ombudsman (ABF)
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Session 2C

  • Speaker: Dr. Eleftheria (Ria) Papadimitriou (EL) General Director StartADR
  • Title: ODR in Europe: The road to effectiveness
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  • Speaker: Dr. Alessandra Grassi (IT); Founder of AccademiADR and Creator of Accademia ODR Platform
  • Title: Accademia ODR – An Italian ODR Platform of Commercial Civil Mediation
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Session 2D

  • Speaker: Axelle Starek (BE) Manager, Ombudsman for Retail
  • Title: 360° user experience review of a Belgian ODR scheme.
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16:00-17:00 Breakout session 3: Sector-specific workshops

Session 3A: Financial ADRs

  • Speaker: Marco La Marca, Policy Officer, DG FISMA, European Commission
  • Title: ADR within the financial consumer protection framework: Is there room for improvement?
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  • Speaker: Marielle Cohen-Branche (FR) French Ombudsman of Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)
  • Title: The benefits of Public Mediation: Lessons learnt from the French Finance Ombudsman
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  • Speaker: Paweł Zagaj (PL), Deputy Financial Ombudsman
  • Title: The ADR at the Polish Financial Ombudsman - out-of-court resolution of the disputes between clients and financial market entities
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  • Speaker: Eveline Ruinaard (NL), chair Arbitration Commission at Dutch Institute for Financial Disputes (Kifid)
  • Title: Mediation at Kifid: the Dutch Institute for Financial disputes
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Session 3B: Communication ADRs

  • Speaker: Pawel Pokorski, Policy Officer, DG CNECT, European Commission
  • Title: Main end-user protection rules of the European Electronic Communications Code relevant for ADR bodies
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  • Speaker: Nina Lester (DK), Head of Administration, The Danish Telecommunications Complaint Board and member of TELECOM-NET
  • Title: Challenges in telecom-ADR
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Session 3C: Energy ADRs

  • Speaker: Massimo Serpieri, Team Leader, DG ENER, European Commission
  • Title: The mandatory participation of traders in ADR in the energy sector
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  • Speaker: Frédérique Feriaud (FR), Director General, Médiateur national de l'énergie
  • Title: Improving the functioning of the French energy market
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  • Speaker: Alessandra Di Costanzo (IT), Head of Associations and Stakeholders, Edison SpA
  • Title: Cooperation with energy ADRs
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  • Speaker: Benedicte Gendry EDF Group Mediator and EEMG President
  • Title: COVID 19 crisis impact on energy consumers and their request for ADR

Session 3D: Travel/transport ADRs

  • Speaker: Elisabeth Kotthaus, Head of Unit, DG MOVE, European Commission
  • Title: Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy: next steps regarding passenger rights.
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  • Speaker: Mr Jean-Pierre Teyssier (FR) Ombudsman and President of the French Ombudsman Club
  • Title: The French Travel and Tourism ADR and Ombudsman (MTV): Experience and Challenges
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  • Speaker: Christof Berlin (DE), Director, söp
  • Title: Facing pandemic challenges as an ADR in the travel sector
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Day 2 - 29 September

11:15-12:15 ADR FAIR

Session 1

  • Speaker: José Domingo Gómez Castallo (ES) Managing Director, Autocontrol
  • Title: Autocontrol: ADR awareness-raising through advertising
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  • Speaker: Marielle Cohen- Branche (FR); Ombudsman, Autorité des Marchés Financiers
  • Title: An ombudsman’s blog on ADR

Session 2

  • Speaker: Enrico Maria Cotugno (IT) Deputy Director, AGCOM
  • Title: ConciliaWeb: Resolving electronic communications disputes
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  • Speaker: Frédérique Feriaud (FR) Director General, Médiateur national de l'énergie
  • Title: Sollen: e-mediation platform by the French energy ombudsman

Session 3

  • Speaker: Evripides Hadjinestoros (CY) Founder, Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR
  • Title: Training ADR professionals
  • Speaker: Petros Zourdoumis (EL) General Director, ADR point-Centre
  • Title: ADR4Travel app
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